MC-500 InstaShiatsu+ MC-500 Rocking Massager (Discontinued)



My massage chair does not work when plugged in and turned on.
  • The remote control may not be turned ON.  Locate and press the ON button on your remote control.
  • You may not have chosen a massage function yet.  Press any massage function to initiate the massage experience.
  • The chair is not receiving the right amount of electricity.  Check the chair and wall outlet connections for contact.
  • The chair has a burned out fuse.  Replace it with the appropriate fuse.
  • The problem is within the inner circuit.  Contact
Beeping noises inside the chair during massage sessions.
  • You are probably hearing the air pump, mechanical parts, and motor.  This is completely normal.
Difference in Left/Right motors.  One is sometimes higher than the other is.
  • The massage rollers do not always run symmetrically.  This is completely normal.
The sound I was hearing inside my chair is much louder now.
  • You may have used the chair continually for too long.  Power down the chair for at least 30 minutes, and then see if you still notice the sound.
  • Overtime, the internal parts can wear down with consistent use.  Some wear and tear is normal.  Contact an authorized maintenance professional for repairs.
My massage unexpectedly stopped during a session.
  • The chair may have lost electricity.  Check the power cord for a secure connection.
  • You may have used the chair continually for too long.  Allow the chair to rest for at least 30 minutes before restarting it.
I cannot move the backrest or leg rest as intended.
  • Check the surround area for clearance.  Remove any obstacles that may inhibit the chair from moving adequately.
I cannot get the chair to return to its default position.
  • This may happen if you use the chair continuously for too long or if the massage time frame has ended.  If you cannot get the chair to return to its normal position after waiting for 30 minutes, contact
The electric wires and/or plugs are really hot.
  • If you notice significant heat during any king of chair usage, stop using the chair immediately and contact a maintenance professional.
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