MC-1500 InstaShiatsu+ Massage Chair


My massage chair isn’t operating when I select a program

  • Ensure the chair is fully plugged in.
  • Check to make sure the power switch is in the “ON” position on the bottom right side of the chair.
  • Choose a mode on the control panel.
  • The chair has a burned out fuse.  Replace it with the appropriate fuse.  
  • The problem lies within an inner circuit.

My massage chair is making a lot of noise during operation

  • You are likely hearing the noise of the motor and other mechanical parts.  Some noise is normal.

My massage chair stopped unexpectedly during a session

  • The massage cycle of 20 minutes may have ended.
  • You may have been using your chair for too long.  Wait 30 minutes before selecting another cycle.
  • There is a mechanical problem.

The electrical wire is hot to the touch

  • This may occur from overuse.  Allow your chair to rest for 30 minutes and try again.




Available Parts

MC-1500 Remote Control

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