IS-7000 InstaShiatsu+ Seat Cushion with Air Compression


The truMedic InstaShiatsu Chair Massager has sounds such as the friction of the rollers, air pressure building and release, etc.

  • These sounds are normal, and should be produced at a steady frequency when features are being used.  If sudden and loud noises occur discontinue use and contact for service.

The truMedic InstaShiatsu Chair Massager is not starting or does not function, or suddenly stopped.

  • Ensure that the massager is properly plugged in, and firmly connected both at the power adapter and the massager plug.  The massager has a 20 minute auto-shut off, and may require you to wait up to 40 minutes before resuming your massage.  In addition, there is a force safety feature.  If excessive force is applied to the massage chair, the rollers will stall.  Turn the massager off and check to make sure there is no force being applied to the rollers.

The heat function has suddenly stopped after prolonged usage.

  • This is a built in safety feature to prevent overheating.  Once the massager has cooled down to a safe temperature, the heating function can be used once again.
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